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  • GBO-Group GBO-Group

    GBO is a group of companies operating in processing, filling and packaging equipments in several industries


    1. beer
    2. water
    3.                                       non alcoholic beverages
    4.                                       alcoholic beverages
    5.                                       food
    6.                                       non food

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    Comac is an upstream Company that, every day, chooses to walk the path of cultural growth and technological innovation of its staff to meet the challenges of a market that is increasingly globalized and competitive.

    The co-operators of Comac, are their first asset, and through this wealth, the company express an expertise and professionalism appropriate to an increasingly demanding market where the Customer is the beating heart. Doing business is the mission, doing it well means do it together: customers, employees, business.
    The main objective is to promote the maximum expression of the intellectual abilities of each person even for those who hold the most common tasks.
    Thanks to this strength, Comac is more and more powerful and ready to meet the needs of the customers and to collect the difficult challenges of the world-wide market.

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    he Company Atlanta Packaging is headquartered in Sala Bolognese near Bologna (Italy).
    Atlanta  designs and builds automatic machines for packaging and our mission is to build machines robust, reliable and management simple and intuitive. 

    Manufacturer of high-speed packaging equipment
    (1) for piece wrap packaging shrink film as the substrate (flat or on a pallet), and without the substrate;
    (2) for the installation piece in cardboard box packaging technology wrap-arouond (wrap).

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    Filling machines and bottling plants for liquid products

  • Axtra srl Axtra srl

    Axtra srl is a new company in the labelling world, which has a high knowhow level, and which deals in all the field where is necessary the application of labels on various kind of containers.

    Food sector: tomatos sauce, syrup fruit, dairy, packed meat, etc...
    Beverage sector:
    wine, liquors, spirits, beer,water, soft drinks, edible oil, vinegar, milk etc...
    Cleaning and personal care sector:
    liquid soap, shampoo,body lotion, home cleaning, etc...
    Industrial sector:
    industrial and lubricating oil, chemicals, paintings, etc...
    Pharmaceutical sector:
    Pharmaceutic package, syrup and medical drinks, etc


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